Sony transforms video gaming with new patent: the ability to relive key moments in the game

20. 11. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

A new patent from Sony brings an innovative approach to the gaming experience in the world of video games. The technology allows players to go back and restart the game from any location, opening up the ability to rewind through the game’s campaign and select specific moments in time.

The patent, entitled “CONTENT STREAMING WITH GAMEPLAY LAUNCH,” details the process through a series of sketches and diagrams. The playable sequences are divided into subsections with “trigger points” or trigger points. Players can select from these points and instantly transport themselves to specific scenes they want to relive. This feature especially benefits content creators, who can easily skip to key moments when creating videos, such as walkthroughs or strategies for defeating bosses, saving time and eliminating the need to play from the beginning.

According to Sony’s documents, the system will work by saving media content information as you play the game and assigning trigger points to it. The user will be able to stream this content to their device, choosing from trigger points as they stream. The system will then identify the game data associated with the selected trigger points and launch the game on the user’s device. This innovative technology promises to bring a new dimension of flexibility and entertainment to the gaming world.

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