Customized virtual erotica – when artificial intelligence changes your view of adult content

20. 11. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková is an example of how AI-based experiments can grow into viable products. Despite the existence of free services like Pornhub, this commercial platform has approximately ten thousand payers who invest nearly five hundred a month in static images. What sets it apart from conventional pornography platforms, however, is the ability to generate custom content based on user preferences.

While it might seem that there is no reason to pay for static images in an age where there are vast amounts of moving pornographic content available on free websites, has found its market precisely in its ability to offer unique content. It allows users to create personalised images and due to its service nature, it needs to update its content regularly, which it does through news presented on its official Twitter account @pornpen_ai.

The platform also has the distinct advantage of highlighting clothing that suggests rather than explicitly displays, which sets it apart from most explicit pornographic content. As time goes on, it adds new styles and refines its generation algorithms, which includes different skin textures, new scene backgrounds, and experimentation with different fetishes. The creators are even taking the next step, which is to generate AI-generated pornographic videos.

Despite promises that the first demos would be available “next week,” development of this groundbreaking stream has been delayed. However, the short clips that were finally presented on Discord are judged to be more of a tease than the start of the revolutionary trend of generating images in the summer of 2022. This discrepancy between promises and actual results may be a sign that the project’s creators have encountered greater challenges than originally anticipated.

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