Czech-Ukrainian company UAC launches new generation of military “suicide” drones

4. 07. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

The Czech-Ukrainian firm UAC, which recently started manufacturing military drones for the Ukrainian army in the Central Bohemian city of Kolin, has now begun testing drones designed to destroy targets, known as suicide drones. Defence Minister Jana Černochová visited the company and observed the production of three types of drones, two of which are used for reconnaissance and one for target destruction.

The drones are capable of transmitting real-time video signals, allowing commanders to monitor the situation on the battlefield. A suicide drone functions like a remote-controlled missile. Pavel Bulant, executive director of UAC, said that several hundred units of each type of drone are produced annually, with the price of one in the millions of crowns. The drones are delivered in kits that include three drones and a control system, while suicide drones are delivered separately.

UAC moved its production from Dnipro to Kolin due to the war conflict, and its establishment in the Czech Republic was the result of cooperation between the Czech and Ukrainian governments, agreed in December 2022. Minister Cernochova hinted at possible future cooperation with the Czech military, saying that the company had offered free testing of these drones by the Czech army, which could lead to their use on Czech territory.

Černochová also mentioned that UAC is working on a contract with an alliance country and that the company is the main supplier of drones to the Ukrainian army. The company employs mostly Ukrainian personnel, who received an exemption from mobilisation directly from President Zelensky.

UAC products will be on public display during the NATO Days in Ostrava in September this year.

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