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Editorial Team

Michal Krčmář



Michal Krčmář is the man behind the idea of who came up with a vision to create a global website covering various tech and marketing topics from all over the world.

Kristýna Bezděková


Chief editor

Kristýna is a student of marketing and communication in an undergraduate program. She leads our editorial office.

Lukáš Chlebovský



Radim Chlebovský is an experienced editor with a strong passion for technology and a keen eye for detail, he plays a crucial role in ensuring that deliver high-quality and informative articles to our readers. He is mainly writing about tech, business and marketing topics.

Shahrukh Khan



Khan is a content specialist, and he’s been with us from the beginning. He writes both English and Urdu language content of and also manages its CMS.

Simona Holá



Simona is an undergraduate student interested in marketing topics.

Hasnain Umer



Hasnain is a 9th student, and he uploads and manages all the content in

Alžběta Strouhalová



With a passion for writing and a keen interest in the latest trends and developments in the industry, Alžběta plays a key role in our editorial team.

Radim Chlebovský



Radim Chlebovský is the brother of Lukáš – another of our very capable editors and journalists. Radim helps us to provide content for our premium articles section.

Samuel Slavík



Samuel joined our team recently and as an external editor, he covers most business topics for

Radka Kovářová



Radka Kovářová is a working student and helps us with research for our articles and is also in charge of managing the press releases section.

Rawaz Omar



Rawaz Omar is a skilled writer and a valuable member of our team. He is able to create engaging and informative content that resonates with our readers. Rawaz mainly focuses on writing news and trending topics for

Rajesh Khajuria


Full-stack developer

Rajesh is a full stack developer and senior to all the programmers. He’s been with us from the beginning and has created all the tools you see in Suffice it to say that without his role, this website would not even have existed.

Vicky Parol


WP Developer

Vicky is our junior developer mainly focusing on front-end development.

Muhammad Aun


Graphics Designer

Muhammad Aun is a 12th Engineering student. He manages all the graphics designing and video editing work on and also manages our social media accounts.

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