Fortnite returns to Apple devices thanks to new EU legislation !

8. 07. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

The long-running dispute and legal battles between Apple and Epic Games probably won’t end in a settlement, but Epic Games is now celebrating a major victory in Europe. Owners and users of Apple devices, who have been banned from accessing Fortnite since 2020 due to circumventing the App Store and its 30% fees, can rejoice.

Epic offered its own deal at the time, which Apple did not accept. Unlike Android, there was no other way to get the game, and Epic responded with a short video referencing Orwell’s 1984.

Epic was tempted by the return of Fortnite in Europe this year, but Apple complicated things until the last minute. Now, however, Fortnite has been given the green light, as reported by Reuters. A key factor was the passage of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) legislation, which forces Apple to open up its ecosystem in the EU. Epic had already tried to set up a new developer account in Sweden in March, which Apple cancelled, catching the attention of European regulators.

Before announcing the approval of the Epic Games Store and the return of Fortnite on July 5, Epic criticized Apple for other conflicts. In a tweet, Epic Games Newsroom said their submission was rejected twice due to the similarity of Epic’s “Install” and Apple’s “Get” buttons and in-app purchases. This was done in light of the experienced operation of such buttons and the desire to create a store that users understand.”Apple’s refusal is arbitrary, obstructive and in breach of the DMA, which we have notified to the European Commission. Barring further obstruction from Apple, we are ready to launch the Epic Games Store and Fortnite for iOS in the EU in the coming months,” the post read. Not long after that came an update that Apple had accepted their previously rejected submission. Still, Epic has responded to Apple’s statement that despite approving the current form of the Epic Games Store for iOS, it is requesting a UI change in a future version. Epic refuses to do so, suggesting that further developments may yet be interesting. Either way, Fortnite is on its way back, and the question is how quick Epic will be with its relaunch and its own store.

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