Don’t pose naked here, owners of photogenic sunflower field appeal to tourists

25. 08. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

A sunflower field on the British farm Stoke Fruit has become a major tourist attraction. Many visitors take photos in the fields of flowers, but some shed all clothing and inhibitions in the process. The owners have therefore had to remind people that this is an area where families with children are present, so public nudity is completely unacceptable.

The appeal to tourists was shared by the owners of the farm on Facebook. “Reminding everyone that we are a family area so please keep all your clothes on in the sunflowers. We are getting more and more reports of nude photoshoots, this must not happen,” wrote the owners, who also posted signs in several places depicting crossed-out underpants or discarded bras.

The farm is run by siblings Sam Wilson and his sister Nettle Petley. According to CNN, in addition to sunflowers, they also grow pumpkins, corn, potatoes and peas. It’s the yellow-petaled flowers that have become the number one draw.
According to Wilson, six incidents of people taking off their clothes have been registered since the field was opened to the public late last month. “We’ve always had visitors taking risqué photos, but this is the first time we’ve had a real problem with them. That’s why we put up signs,” Wilson said, adding that several children have also spotted the naked tourists.

“It’s a really fun place to get charged up, but people have to be respectful. The field is huge and there are lots of hiding places where you can hide without anyone finding you. But the incidents were blatantly public,” Petley said.

Wilson and his former fiancée started the sunflower field six years ago behind a local church. Little did they know it would become a popular tourist attraction. People reportedly travel from far and wide to see it in bloom. Today, the field is made up of two million sunflowers.


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