The number of OnlyFans users is growing. The majority owner has cashed out billions

28. 08. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

The majority owner of the online platform for sharing mainly erotic content, Leonid Radvinsky, has paid himself $ 338 million in dividends. OnlyFans is thriving and the number of users continues to grow.

The interest in mainly erotic videos and photos shared by the creators themselves on the OnlyFans platform is growing. Parent company Fenix International has reported that annual pre-tax profits have topped half a billion dollars. The number of users has also grown – the number of creators is over three million, according to the BBC, which reported the news, and there are Czechs among them. The year-on-year increase is almost 50 percent. The number of content consumers is almost 240 million, 27% more than last year.

Thanks to the growing popularity of OnlyFans, Leonid Radvinsky, the majority owner of the UK-registered Fenix International, has had $338 million paid out in dividends. Over three years, the entrepreneur, who bought a 75% stake in the company from Guy and Tim Stokely in 2018, has earned $889 million. According to Forbes, Radvinsky’s fortune is estimated at more than $2 billion.

The service works on a subscription basis, where fans pay monthly to specific creators. They then pay extra for the opportunity to reach them directly, for example via messages. The platform keeps a fifth of the amount paid. On the internet, OnlyFans is synonymous with pornographic content, as most of the creators are women and men producing more or less daring photos and videos.

The network’s supporters share online stories of successful content creators who have been able to pay for school or stop living on the streets thanks to OnlyFans’ income. But critics warn that people who contribute to the platform may face problems in their personal lives. For example, a teacher in Indiana lost her job when it was revealed that she was earning extra money on OnlyFans. There are also known cases of stalking that women have had to face.

The popularity of the service began to grow especially during the covid era. At that time, strippers from closed clubs, for example, moved online, as well as pornography creators who could not attend filming sessions. The number of viewers who had to stay at home because of government regulations was also growing.


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