A developer hacked an iPhone and made it the “eyes” for ChatGPT. The result is breathtaking

4. 05. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

Artificial intelligence ChatGPT is the number 1 tech topic lately. Whether it’s its adoration due to its array of interesting skills, or concerns about its over-empowerment and potential threat to humanity, it’s still more of a concept. This has been pushed a little further again by developer Mckay Wrigley, who boasted on Twitter that he has given ChatGPT access to his iPhone’s camera, giving AI “eyes”.

To do this, Wrigley used a combination of software such as YoloV8 for object detection, GPT-4 as the AI, OpenAI Whipser to deliver voice feedback, Google Custom Search Engine and Python. Although it seems like it must have taken a large amount of time to bring all of this together, Wrigley himself claims that it’s 100 times easier than it looks at first glance. He also adds that he believes this is a vision of the future, but what can ChatGPT do with the help of an iPhone? For example, it can identify objects and put them in the right context. Wrigley gives the example of teaching an AI what the keto diet is, how to identify the appropriate food for this type of eating in its fridge, and also how to find a recipe for a tasty meal based on the ingredients available. However, the developer admits that the iPhone alone couldn’t do this yet, so he’s using a MacBook to help out. As a demonstration of a possible future, however, this is more than enough.

Zdroj, foto: imore.com, pixabay.com

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Kristýna is a student of marketing and communication in an undergraduate program. She writes and translates content into the Czech language


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