Project Tent accepts bitcoin payment: an innovative step towards sustainability and mainstream cryptocurrency use

31. 03. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

The Tent project, founded by David Tacl, is launching bitcoin payments. The move will allow clients using the service to pay using the cryptocurrency. The project called Tent is backed by Mastercard.

This news shows that the Tent project is striving for innovation in payments and financial solutions. In collaboration with Mastercard, it has introduced the aforementioned crypto payment card. If everything goes according to plan, in the coming years David Tacl would like to compete with established financial services like Revolut. He has already invested tens of millions of crowns in the project and now wants to approach investors who would help him expand the project even further.

The launch of bitcoin payments means that clients of Project Tent no longer have to use traditional payment methods such as credit cards or bank transfers, but can pay using bitcoin, without any burden on the merchant. It’s a revolutionary way to bring cryptocurrency into everyday life and make trading with it accessible to virtually everyone.

You can download the Tent app straight to your smartphone. The Czech startup is now live. The app can buy, sell and exchange known types of cryptocurrencies (15 so far, including bitcoin and ethereum). The app brings the possibility to link it to a payment card, with which you can pay freely and without restrictions at merchants, just like you are used to with other payment cards. The cryptocurrency is deducted from your account, however, the merchant is credited with crowns. David Tacl aims to make it easier for people to access and trade crypto. His long-term goal is to create a universal financial app where users can manage all their finances and transactions.

The launch of bitcoin payments also shows that cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly common form of payment, not only for online stores, but also for services and products outside the digital world. Project Tent also believes that launching bitcoin payments will attract new customers and help them achieve greater success.

Overall, this move is a significant step towards innovation and sustainability for Project Tent, but it also shows that cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly popular and common form of payment.

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