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17. 04. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

OKIN Facility has announced the expansion of its services to the construction segment, which represents a significant step in the development of this company specializing in facility management. The new portfolio of services includes minor building modifications and is a response to the growing demand for flexible and comprehensive facility management solutions.

The expansion of services to include the construction segment represents a strategic shift for OKIN Facility, enabling it to provide clients with comprehensive care for their properties from the beginning to the end of the building lifecycle. Clients can now benefit from the company’s services, from the preparation and renovation of premises to the standardisation of the quality of services delivered and the maintenance of properties.

This expansion is driven by the growing demand for smaller building modifications that are often not addressed by large construction firms due to their focus on larger projects. OKIN Facility has thus decided to fill this gap in the market and provide clients with the opportunity to address even minor construction work through its services.

Part of this move includes the appointment of a new position of Construction Manager, which has been filled by Derrick Rayner. Rayner, who has been the company’s Facility Manager for the automotive segment, will now lead a team of specialists who will handle construction projects and renovations.

The expansion of services to include the construction segment represents an important milestone for OKIN Facility, as well as a response to market needs. The aim is to strengthen the company’s position as a leader in facility management and to provide clients with comprehensive and professional services, including construction work.

OKIN Facility is a multinational company with more than 30 years of history, currently operating in six European countries. Its portfolio of services covers a wide range of facility management from energy management to cleaning to ESG solutions for buildings. The company focuses on innovative technological solutions and continuous improvement of the quality of its services.


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