Packaging company THIMM celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. It focuses on gradual digitization and automation of production.

17. 04. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

THIMM, a company producing corrugated cardboard packaging, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the Czech market this year. Over the years, it has earned dozens of international prestigious awards for innovative packaging solutions and design, establishing itself as a pioneer in using eco-friendly packaging materials and modern technologies in production. It has long been considered a leader in Industry 4.0 in the Czech market, having automated almost every part of its production and taken steps towards energy saving and sustainability. It intends to continue in this direction.

“We have noticed a significantly greater demand for packaging materials than thirty years ago, so we had to adapt our production accordingly. In 2008, we started with automation and digitization, which significantly facilitated the entire process. Not only did it speed it up, but it also replaced the heavy manual work previously done by our employees,” summarizes Martin Hejl, the CEO and Managing Director of THIMM, who has been with the Czech branch of THIMM since 1997. The company currently operates one of the most modern packaging production facilities globally, considered a showcase for Industry 4.0.

The revenues of THIMM’s Czech branch have increased by almost 300% over the past twenty years. In 2003, it amounted to CZK 569.2 million, while in 2023, it reached CZK 1.7 billion. With the increasing revenues over the last two decades, the number of square meters of corrugated cardboard sold has increased by 225% since 2003. From the original 47 million square meters, the volume grew to 105 million square meters in 2023.

The factory in Všetaty employs 379 people and boasts a significant representation of women, accounting for almost 32% of the workforce. The first nine women joined in 2006, and since then, the number has been increasing. Currently, 52 of them work in the factory, and another 67 are employed in administration. THIMM is also open to Generation Z workers, currently employing 55 of them. Some of them came through regular high school internships, vocational training, or internships offered actively by the company. They also regularly host various school types for excursions, from kindergartens to universities.

The company manufactures packaging from corrugated cardboard, one of the most recyclable materials in Europe, and focuses on sustainability during its production. It has its wastewater treatment plant, uses waste heat to heat offices, and plans to install photovoltaics this year. “We see renewable sources as a way to save energy and reduce emissions generated during production. Additionally, THIMM is not afraid to step forward and find innovative solutions that not only make our work easier but also align with nature,” says Hejl.

During its existence, the company has received dozens of awards. It has been awarded a total of eleven times in the international Worldstar Packaging competition. Most recently, it won an award this year in the food category for its original Ready to Bake and Eat concept packaging. It also regularly ranks in the Packaging of the Year and POPAI AWARDS competitions. Several dozen awards prove that THIMM is a world leader in packaging materials.

In addition to THIMM’s Czech branch, its headquarters in Germany is also celebrating an anniversary, marking 75 years. As part of the celebrations, the company’s management plans to visit all its production plants, including Všetaty, in the second half of the year. The Czech plant will celebrate this significant anniversary of its parent company during an event in April by planting 500 trees.


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