Disastrous torrential rains hit the United Arab Emirates: Dubai under water, air traffic paralysed!

18. 04. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

Heavy rains hit the United Arab Emirates earlier this week, resulting in flooding in the desert city of Dubai and major highways. Even air traffic has been diverted, and the rains have claimed their first casualty.

The UAE government describes the rain as the worst in 75 years. In Dubai, 14.2 cm of rain fell in a single night and evening, the usual amount for a year and a half. Dubai International Airport, usually one of the world’s busiest, is now facing the diversion of some traffic due to the rain and flooding. Flights from Dubai are being cancelled by the hundreds as it is unsafe to take off from the runway, which is flooded. Many tourists are staying in hotels because they cannot fly home because of the weather. Rain is not common in the UAE but comes regularly during the colder months. However, the country was unprepared for such heavy rain, leading to flooded houses and abandoned vehicles on the roads. The lack of drainage systems is a problem and authorities have deployed tankers to pump out the water. The government has warned residents to be careful and avoid flooding. Forecasts suggest that the rains will continue, leading to school closures and telecommuting for government employees. Similar weather caused flooding in Bahrain and Oman, where eighteen people died. Both countries have warned of similar impacts from global warming and jointly hosted a UN climate summit last year.

Photo source: www.pexels.com

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