Innovations in power generation and agriculture combined in a revolutionary solar system

20. 11. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

Sunstal has introduced an innovative project called Sunzaun, which focuses on the production of vertical photovoltaic systems with a wide range of applications. These systems not only generate electricity but also serve as practical dividing barriers between roads, windbreaks or fences.

This innovation is particularly suitable for agricultural areas where photovoltaic panels blend with crops and act as a shading element, which can bring water savings.The Sunzaun project is designed as a response to the trend towards agrovoltaics, combining agriculture and solar energy on the same area. Crops can grow or animals can graze in the surrounding areas around the solar panels, ensuring efficient use of the land and providing clean energy. This vertical solar system can also be used as part of urban infrastructure, for example to separate highway right-of-ways, railways or residential zones.

One successful implementation of the project is its use in a winery in California. Here, a 23 kW vertical photovoltaic system not only generates electricity, but also provides shade and allows direct access to farm machinery. The entire system is designed to withstand wind loads and can be installed on slopes up to 15 degrees.

A scientific paper from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences mentions that the double-sided photovoltaic panels used in this system can produce renewable electricity comparable to traditional south-facing panels, confirming the effectiveness of this innovative approach to energy production.

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