ChatGPT4 can finally browse the internet!

17. 05. 2023 | Michal Krcmar

There’s probably huge panic at Google right now, because today marks the start of a new era for ChatGPT!

What annoyed you the most was outdated information, but that’s now finally over! ChatGPT Plus now has internet access. It’s still not a finished beta version (we can call it alpha), so there might be some bugs, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. This will help us solve another problem – misinformation. OpenAI has worked hard on this, so ChatGPT will no longer tell you that a horse lays larger eggs than a chicken. Having internet access and functional source links is fantastic!

In addition, you can now check out the “Plugin Store”, where third parties can develop their own plugins, which you can then use within ChatGPT. In the future, you might have a custom menu written for you, the AI will compile a list of ingredients, add the shopping directly to your cart, perhaps your local online shop and all you have to do is pay and wait for your delivery.  Sometimes, you might feel that the possibilities are so endless that you don’t know what to do first or where to start. This is exactly such a situation because we are at the beginning of gigantic automation.

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