Billionaire Marc Andreessen says remote working is not suitable for the younger generation

19. 02. 2023 | Michal Krcmar

Marc Andreessen said teleworking was destroying the role of relationships in the office and in people’s lives. The billionaire told the summit that young teleworkers were “cut off from everything”. Andreessen used the discussion to promote Adam Neumann’s new startup, Flow, which deals with community living.

Billionaire investor Marc Andreessen says telecommuting is “not a good life” for young workers. The model that an entire generation grew up on has suddenly been destroyed, Andreessen said of an era when employees went to the office every day and companies built elaborate communities on campuses like those at Google, Apple and Facebook. The billionaire made the comments during the “American Dynamism Summit” in Washington, D.C., hosted by his investment firm, Andreessen Horowitz, in November. The comments were shared via the Andreessen Horowitz podcast last week and first reported by Fortune magazine.

Andreessen called the offices “an extension of the college campus” and said the pandemic has deprived young workers of jobs and opportunities. The change, he said, has made the worker’s environment the main source of social interaction. “Are you literally alone?” Andreessen said of remote worker offices. “Do you have any sense of connection at all? Do you know who your neighbors are? Historically, when they lived in apartments, I don’t think most people even knew who their neighbors were,” he said, adding that this cultural shift “opens the door for new invention.”

The panel, titled “Disrupting the World’s Largest Asset Class,” featured WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann, who spoke about his new startup Flow, a rental housing company that aims to create residential communities. Andreessen’s venture capital firm has invested $350 million in the startup.

This isn’t the first time Andreessen has tackled the rise of telecommuting. Last year, he said telecommuting can cause a shakeup with our lives.


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