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3. 05. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

Facebook has been offering free account verification for public figures, media, brands or businesses since 2018. Now, the service will be fee-based and expanded to include additional benefits for subscribers. However, only individual profiles can use the Meta Verified service for the time being. An extension to corporate profiles is planned, with no clear timetable yet.

Meta will test launch the service in Australia and New Zealand at the end of February 2023, and in the US in mid-March. It will gradually expand to other countries. The company has not yet announced a launch date in the Czech Republic, so businesses can continue to use the original free version of verification. However, after the introduction of Meta Verified, the non-paid profile verification will be deactivated.

What are the benefits of a verified profile?

As we mentioned above, Meta Verified is not only a paid version of the existing profile verification, but also offers enhanced options and additional benefits for users. What are they?

  1. Higher authenticity: verified profiles will be marked with a blue badge (the same as before). Users of Facebook and Instagram will therefore be assured that it is a truly authentic profile of a specific person (or later a company).
  2. Extra protection against account misuse: if a profile exists or is created impersonating you or your brand, Meta promises to respond immediately and delete the fake account. In addition, the company will proactively monitor fake profiles that pose as authenticated profiles.
  3. Direct access to customer support: user requests and queries directed to Meta’s customer support often take a long time to process and usually only receive an automated response from a chatbot. However, authenticated profiles will have priority access to customer support, in the form of live chat with operators. This will make the job of all digital marketers much easier.
  4. Higher post reach: Meta also promises higher visibility for posts from verified profiles, prioritization in search, in comments, as well as exclusive features in Stories and Reels. However, it’s unclear by what percentage these features will increase the reach of posts.

And what do social network administrators expect from the service?

“All the benefits Meta promises sound good and can definitely come in handy. The question is to what extent Meta will actually deliver on its promises. Personally, I’m slightly skeptical about that, but we’ll be surprised. If it does expand to corporate profiles, I’m particularly interested in the increased protection against account misuse, as well as the prioritized approach to customer support. Those who work with Meta products will know that Meta has big gaps in both. The loss of a laboriously managed Facebook or Instagram profile with a long history is something our clients and we as administrators fear. That is why we will definitely inform our clients about this possibility, but we will also monitor whether it is really worthwhile for our clients, whether it is not just empty promises on Meta’s part and a mere effort to increase profits easily,” says social media specialist Petra Ondráčková from Expertia.

How to get a verified profile?

A paid verified profile is completely voluntary. It is currently available to individuals over the age of 18 in the US, Australia and New Zealand. The conditions for obtaining verification are as follows:

  • The user must comply with the terms of use of the social network and the community’s policies.
  • You must also have two-factor authentication activated.
  • To obtain verification, you must present a valid ID (passport or OP) and take a selfie video.
  • Your name on the social network must match the name on your ID and your profile photo must clearly show your face. This is because Meta staff will compare your profile photo with the photo on your ID.

You can complete the verification process on the social network’s mobile app or online. In the settings, select the “Meta Verified” option (not yet available in the Czech Republic). Then upload a photo of your ID. After verifying your identity, you just choose your payment method and within 48 hours you will receive your blue badge and all other features.

How much will the profile verification cost?
The Meta Verified service will cost $14.99 per month (roughly $320). This rate applies to Instagram profile verification (all device types, including web verification) and Facebook profile verification on iOS and Android mobile devices. A reduced rate of $11.99 (roughly 260 CZK) will be charged only when verifying a Facebook profile over the internet.

You must pay the amount separately for each profile; therefore, if you want to verify both your Facebook and Instagram profiles, you must pay twice.


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