Today is Star Wars day! Celebrate with the new series, the second season of Visions and the Simpsons

2. 05. 2023 | Samuel Slavík

“May the Force be with you,” say the heroes from a galaxy far, far away. And today is a similar-sounding “May the fourth”, the fourth of May is the Star Wars Day!

A new series of the original Star Wars: Visions animated mix. A combination of Star Wars and The Simpsons. A new cartoon series for the youngest Star Wars fans, The Adventures of the Young Jedi. And, of course, a reminder that Ahsoka is coming. The Fourth of May, known to all fans as Star Wars Day, comes with some nice gift news from a galaxy far, far away.

Back in the 1970s, when filmmaker George Lucas invented his world, where you’d find space fighters and knights wielding mystical powers, he put the now-legendary phrase “May the Force be with you” in the mouths of some of the characters in Star Wars. “May the Force be with you.” That’s why today is Star Wars Day. Because try saying that English phrase out loud. “May the Force” and “May the fourth” sound similar with a wink (or rather an ear!). The latter translates to May the Fourth. Thus, Star Wars Day was born.

For this year’s celebration, Disney has prepared a few new items that should please a large portion of Star Wars fans from the little ones to the biggest ones. Both in age and level of passion for the fictional universe. More die-hard and knowledgeable fans looking for a fresh take on the well-known Star Wars franchise will be pleased with the premiere of the second season of Star Wars: Visions on the Disney+ streaming service. It tells the stories of the Rebels, the Empire, the Jedi Knights and the ordinary inhabitants of the galaxy in an unusual way.

Each episode has its own story and is told in a different style. Thus, the first season featured episodes reminiscent of bombastically vibrant Japanese anime, as well as episodes with a muted colour palette and inspired by samurai stories. However, it was the Japanese studios that were in charge of the first season. The second season of Visions is already more international, with creators from Spain, France and Ireland, for example, working on the nine episodes. And with them comes new stylization, so in the second season you will see Star Wars in stop-motion animation.

Disney+ is attracting the youngest padawans – those who have just become Jedi apprentices – with the seven-part Star Wars: The Adventures of the Young Jedi. The name and one look at the trailer suggest it will be a children’s spectacle. But can you really call yourself a true fan if you wouldn’t give the series a chance? After all, you’ve certainly made it through the Christmas special with the Ewoks!

In case you didn’t catch on, the holiday special was a 1978 made-for-TV movie that even the biggest Star Wars fans despise or mock. Compared to that, Adventures of the Young Jedi looks like a slightly pre-school, but universe-loyal and fun affair. Which, moreover, can get the whole family involved in Star Wars, regardless of age. That is, if you haven’t already watched the prequel Revenge of the Sith and the scene with Anakin and the little apprentices at home.

And then today’s final new feature will connect Star Wars to our world. And straight to the most classic American family. Once again, exclusively on Disney+, you can see the Simpsons and Star Wars come together in the short episode Maggie Simpson in a galaxy far, far away. Connoisseurs will also be amused by the original title Maggie Simpson in “Rogue Not Quite One”.

The four-minute one-parter also features a few familiar characters, but Maggie bounces off into space in the flying carriage from The Mandalorian. And, in the manner of this currently most popular Star Wars series, it’s worth waiting for the end credits and their parade of thematic illustrations.

And speaking of The Mandalorian, in celebration today it’s good to remember the Ahsoka feature series connected to it. Its release is in fact imminent. The story of the former apprentice of Anakin Skywalker himself, who subsequently became involved in the galactic rebellion (in the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, which has improved significantly with each series) is set to premiere in August.

In addition to Ahsoka, viewers can look forward to a trio of other series featuring live-action actors. Plans include Skeleton Crew with Jude Law, The Acolyte set before the main series of films, and Lando, about a smuggler you can’t hate and love at the same time. But there’s news in the movie world as well, with Lucasfilm studio announcing three new Star Wars movies in the pipeline.

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