You’re entitled to 50,000 from the EU for further education, but the state won’t tell you

6. 12. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

Under the National Recovery Plan, the European Union provides Czech citizens over 18 with up to CZK 50 000 for their further education and development. Unfortunately, the Czech state does not actively communicate this information. The funds earmarked by the EU for economic and social recovery after the pandemic shock include the amount earmarked for reskilling and upskilling. Reskilling refers to the acquisition of new occupational skills, while upskilling involves updating skills in occupations undergoing technological change.

The ‘I’m in a Course’ portal was created under this programme and allows citizens to choose from a variety of reskilling and digital courses. Although the portal has its shortcomings, such as a user-unfriendly interface and an ambiguous approval process, it provides citizens with the opportunity to invest in their education and self-development. Money that many people would not normally be able to afford can be an investment with a high return in the job market or in business.

However, the Czech state is failing to communicate this opportunity. Instead of a broad campaign informing citizens about the possibilities of using the funds for vocational training, the programme was launched almost in secret. The lack of awareness of this opportunity is evident, and many citizens are surprised by the opportunity they would like to take advantage of. Effective communication could raise awareness of this opportunity and encourage people to invest in their education, which would benefit society as a whole. This lack of connection with the public means that the Czech state loses the chance to support lifelong learning and adaptation to the rapid technological changes affecting economically active citizens. The example of this omission shows how the state is unable to effectively communicate strategic intentions and seize opportunities to strengthen education and self-development in society.

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