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20. 01. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

The Czech company mySASY has introduced an innovative product that bears the same name as the company itself and has gained the interest of athletes looking for professional training. The mySASY system uses a chest strap to measure and can determine the current state of the body based on spectral analysis of heart rate variability (SA HRV).

This process, which previously required a visit to a specialist clinic and 20 minutes of measurements, allows mySASY to be carried out conveniently in the comfort of your own home, thanks to artificial intelligence technology that reduces the entire process to just three minutes. The system takes daily measurements and provides recommendations based on the changes detected in the body via an app. Users are informed whether it is appropriate for the day to choose a more challenging workout to strengthen fitness, a light recovery workout, or even rest (for example, in case of impending illness).

The newly launched product, called Elonga, uses similar scientific methods but is aimed at a wider audience, including amateur athletes, people with cardiovascular disease, diabetics, high blood pressure patients and anyone interested in monitoring their body’s condition. Elonga fits into the current trend of longevity, i.e. extending the active human life. After downloading the Elonga app and answering a few lifestyle questions, the user connects the sensor to their mobile phone and takes a measurement every morning. The app then monitors the current and long-term condition of the body and warns of potential health risks. In addition, for the most active Elonga users, it determines the optimal physical load and tailors an individual exercise program with minimal risk of injury or exhaustion.

“Our goal is to make Elonga an everyday companion for anyone interested in taking care of their health,” adds Vojta Hlavenka, CEO of mySASY and co-founder of Elonga.

Until the end of the year, those interested have the opportunity to order the Elonga sensor (wristband) for 1890 CZK and get a free lifetime subscription to the app. Although the press release doesn’t state it explicitly, it seems likely that Elonga will offer a subscription after that period, as is the case with mySASY.

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