Sheryl Sandberg changes course: the end of an era at Meta and her legacy in the world of tech icons

21. 01. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

After 12 years as a board member of Meta Platforms, former COO Sheryl Sandberg has announced her departure, which will take place in May. Sandberg played a key role in the development of Meta, which became a global giant under her leadership.

In an announcement on social media, she said that Meta is well prepared for the future and therefore feels that now is the right time to leave. However, despite her departure, she plans to stay on at Meta as an informal advisor.

Sheryl Sandberg, known for her fight for women’s equality and gender inequalities in the workplace, is best known for her book “Lean In,” which provides inspiration for women. Her influence in business was particularly evident in the building of Facebook, which transformed into a multi-billion dollar corporation under her leadership. Although she was instrumental in the company’s success, she also faced criticism during her time at Meta.

Meta has faced a number of controversies, including misinformation issues during the 2016 presidential election, the privacy scandal and Cambridge Analytica in 2018, and the 2021 Capitol Hill revolt.
Upon her departure, Sheryl Sandberg expressed gratitude for the “opportunity of a lifetime” at Meta, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg thanked her for her exceptional contributions. Sandberg, one of the most respected women in the tech industry, leaves a distinct gap at Meta at a time when the founder is focusing on his vision of a metaverse, but one that has not yet been fully embraced by the global public.

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