When luxury leaves hotels and finds its way into your bedroom – A story of innovation, elegance and international success!

21. 11. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

At the beginning of the last decade, a bold idea was conceived to bring the luxury experience of hotel bedding into ordinary homes. This vision was transformed by a group of entrepreneurs, led by former football midfielder Marc Gecov, into the Lejaan brand. Although the original goal was to bring hotel comfort to Czech homes, the Lejaan brand quickly found its way into the world of the hotel industry. Hotels from the Czech Republic to the exotic Seychelles are now finding themselves working with the Lejaan brand to ensure their guests get a unique night’s sleep in luxurious linens.

Founded in 2020, Lejaan is continuously expanding its range and gaining fans not only among ordinary consumers but also in the luxury segment. With more than 25k followers on Instagram and a popular gift, the brand has become a symbol of quality and elegance. Last year, its turnover achieved a fifty percent increase, confirming its growing popularity and customer confidence.

Lejaan emphasizes the aesthetics and quality of its products, from the minimalist design to the carefully selected color palette. Products include not only bed linen, but also bathroom terry, which are colour-coordinated across the range. The brand also offers a unique shopping experience, with a newly opened showroom in Chrastava where customers can select and view the range directly.

In addition to its success in the domestic market, Lejaan plans to expand its operations internationally. The founders are already renovating new premises in Chrastava and evaluating the possibility of expansion to other European destinations. The reward for their work is also the interest of hotels, which themselves find Lejaan and prefer its luxury products for their guests.

Lejaan has earned its place in the market not only through quality products, but also through its focus on innovation and continuous development. Marcel Gecov, co-founder and former footballer, believes that within two or three years they will be reaching turnover in the hundreds of millions and that this journey will take the brand ever higher. Lejaan has thus not only brought luxury into Czech households, but is also becoming an internationally recognised symbol of elegance and comfort.

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