Superhuman achievement in Doom 2: Speedrun secret revealed!

26. 04. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

For many, the speedrun is a mystery, as its charm is not obvious at first glance. But once you get into the ins and outs of the discipline and understand the effort and training required to achieve record times, you begin to grasp the thrill. Recently, a record time was broken in Doom 2, which at first glance may seem unremarkable, but in the context of speedrun history it is a fantastic achievement.

The first level in Doom 2 is Entryway, which is so short that many players won’t even notice it. Just walk through a corridor full of enemies and you’ll reach the exit. The world record was set in 1998 at 5 seconds. While this may seem like a short time, it took 26 years to break this record, as the movement of enemies is irregular and requires luck and precise technique.
In 2020, a theory emerged that it was possible to complete the level in 4 seconds. In October 2023, speedrunner 4shockblast managed a time of 5.00 seconds in the unedited version of the game, less than a second away from the record. However, this achievement required six months of training and more than 100,000 attempts.


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