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27. 04. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

If you’ve ever tried ChatGPT or similar AI models, you’ve probably encountered unsuccessful responses or absurd generated images. While this can be fun for the average person, it can pose problems for companies, such as when a chatbot from car company Chevrolet gave customers coupons for a new car for one dollar. And that’s exactly why the startup Langtail was created.

Behind Langtail are the founders of Avocode, who sold their company for hundreds of millions. They have now presented their new tool on the Product Hunt portal and received investment from one of the most famous tech entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic, Zdeněk Cendra.

Langtail helps web, app and e-commerce developers implement large third-party language models. These models enable the use of generative AI features such as chatbots, intelligent product search or text processing. Langtail also monitors traffic and protects against unwanted behavior of these models.

“It is easy and efficient for companies to deploy a chatbot, but they often encounter unwanted behavior,” explains co-founder Petr Brzek. Langtail helps detect unwanted chatbot reactions and ensures that they are thoroughly tested and continuously checked. This ensures that the company knows how much it costs to run a chatbot, while also allowing the integration of different language model providers, reducing dependency on a single vendor and improving flexibility and quality of service.

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