Playboi Carti’s short-lived stream: The promise and disappointment

9. 02. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

Adin Ross, one of the biggest streamers today, promised rapper Playboi Carti nearly 50 million Czech crowns and a Ferrari for appearing on his stream. Up to 500,000 viewers waited with over a two-hour delay for Carti, who eventually did show up. Although everyone was very excited, the enthusiasm quickly faded. The rapper couldn’t last even 10 minutes.

Jordan Terrel “Playboi Carti” Carter is currently one of the most famous rappers. Due to his unique style of hip-hop and unconventional approach to creating music, he has gained a huge number of fans. Many people know him as someone who dislikes giving interviews or other types of appearances. However, he appeared on one of Adin Ross’s recent streams on the Kick platform.

Adin promised on his profile on the X platform that after the official GRAMMY awards ceremony, he would start a stream with the mentioned rapper. He also promised him nearly 50 million Czech crowns and a Ferrari for his participation. Carti did appear on the stream. With a two-hour delay, but still, more than 500,000 people were waiting for him.

He lasted about six minutes on the broadcast. He exchanged a few words with the streamer, after which Adin handed him a bag with the promised money. Then he said goodbye. Fans were hugely disappointed. However, this was not the last stream of the famous rapper with Adin Ross.

Playboi Carti is expected to return later this week. This time, it’s free. He will be answering fans’ questions, and Adin Ross promised that viewers would see the true face of the well-known musician.

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