New generation of iPads with OLED displays and keyboards, bringing iPads Pro closer to MacBooks

14. 12. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

iPad fans can expect big innovations next year. Apple plans to introduce new generations of all currently available iPads. In particular, the Air and Pro series are attracting some interesting innovations. iPad Air will be available for the first time in two sizes, 10.9″ and 12.9″, with a Liquid Retina display and M2 chip to compete with the Pro models. iPad Pro will get OLED displays, as confirmed by an Apple source, journalist Marek Gurman.

According to Gurman’s sources, Apple has scheduled the launch of the new iPad Air and Pro early next year. iPad Airs will be offered in 10.9″ and 12.9″ variants with Liquid Retina displays and the M2 chip. iPad Pros will come in 11″ and likely 14″ variants with OLED displays instead of Liquid Retina and mini LED panels. This means a significant improvement in visual capabilities as OLED panels offer superior resolution, contrast, brightness and color reproduction.

In addition to the new displays, the iPad Pros will also feature the recently introduced M3 chips, making them the most powerful tablets on the market. It’s not yet clear when the base model iPad and iPad mini will be updated, but given past trends, it could be in the fall.

In addition, although Apple has previously stated that it will not bundle macOS and iPadOS, this policy seems to be changing. Gurman reports that Apple is developing a new keyboard for the iPad Pro that will be significantly similar to the MacBook keyboard. This keyboard, referred to as the R418 and R428, has a design similar to the MacBook chassis without the display, a solid aluminum frame, and a keyboard similar to the Magic Keyboard from the MacBook. The new keyboard is expected to offer multiple ports, which will expand the iPad’s connectivity. This could solve the limitations of the single USB-C port on existing iPad models.

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