Ice hit: Chinese street chef wows with ice barbecue at Changsha night market

24. 12. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

A strange dish recently appeared at a night market in the Chinese city of Changsha in Hunan province, attracting the attention of curious visitors. A local street vendor intrigued the neighborhood by grilling ice cubes, which was captured in a video provided by the AP.

In the footage, customers could see the innovative vendor coating the ice cubes with oil and sprinkling dried chili and sesame seeds, reminiscent of preparing meat. At the end of the process, he drizzles the dish with chilli sauce, adds chopped spring onions and then happily serves it to an enthusiastic customer.

According to the AP, one customer even asked during the preparation of this unusual dish if he wanted it “browned or softer.” The vendor himself, with a distinct sense of humour, claimed it was a “special dish from the Northeast that tastes best when eaten hot”.

This unconventional preparation of the dish has sparked many reactions on social media, with most visitors and passers-by enjoying the amusing spectacle, according to AP. One customer who sampled the grilled ice commented, “Once you try it, you’ll want to come back and add some more.”

The price of one serving of grilled ice cubes is 15 Chinese yuan, equivalent to less than 50 crowns.

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