Facebook Hoax, rules, scams and privacy in the digital world

21. 11. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

A timeless hoax was circulating the internet when news of an alleged rule change on Facebook began to spread. According to this misinformation, all users had to do was paste a special text on their wall and this would prevent the social network from sharing their posts. Although this rumour first surfaced in 2012, it has managed to come back repeatedly in various forms, catching naive users, many of whom have succumbed to fears of Facebook’s supposed new rules.

The basic idea behind the hoax is that users are expressing their disapproval of Facebook’s ability to use their content without their written permission. However, this claim is unrelated to reality, as all users of the social network automatically agree to the terms of use when they create an account. If someone does not agree to these rules, they would have the option to simply stop using Facebook.

The fake news warns of a supposed new rule that would allow the use of photos and messages in lawsuits, but this is a mere fabrication. In addition, Facebook has long offered users advanced privacy management that allows them to set who can see their content. The fact that some versions of the hoax claim that posting specific text on the wall can change the terms of the contract is clear evidence of its deceptive nature.

The key message for users is that they need not be intimidated by this scam. Facebook as a platform remains bound by its terms of use, which are in line with applicable law. Users also have the flexibility to set their privacy levels and decide what they want to share with others.

Overall, this misinformation is another example of how misleading news can spread through the internet and cause unnecessary concern. In today’s digital age, it is crucial to remain critical and verify information to prevent the spread of false news.

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