AirTag helped track down a stolen motorcycle, but police were against it

31. 07. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

AirTag locators can be a great help. You may remember when Apple introduced this little accessory years ago. Their unveiling was almost certain at the time, as speculation about AirTags had been rife for many months beforehand. Apple’s locator has decent battery life and a low price by Apple’s standards. Having an AirTag in your wallet, on your keys or in your vehicle can often be very useful.

Scotty Woody from Chicago, whose motorcycle was stolen while parked right in front of his house near the intersection of Patterson Avenue and Pine Grove Avenue, knows this. The man first thought the motorcycle had been towed. However, once he was sure he had not violated any local traffic laws, he decided to locate the AirTag, which he placed under the seat of the motorcycle. He discovered that the AirTag was coming from a large garage complex nearby. But there his joy at finding out the location of the motorcycle ended. The local police told him that once his motorcycle was not visible, they could not intervene. It’s not uncommon for vehicles or motorcycles to be stolen in Chicago.

However, police still advise victims to always ask police officers for any assistance and not try to take the law into their own hands. If the motorcycle is not visible, officers cannot just open the garage based on an “application”. So the injured man is already slowly coming to terms with the fact that he will have to get a new motorcycle.


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