YouTuber died on a motorbike while filming a video

16. 05. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

YouTuber Agastay Chauhan, who died in a superbike accident, was travelling at 294 km/h, according to police. According to reports, the helmet that YouTuber Agastay Chauhan was wearing broke into several pieces. The YouTuber died of head injuries.

YouTuber Agastay Chauhan, who was killed in a horrific accident on the Yamuna Expressway, was travelling on his superbike at a speed of 294 km/h, police said. Agastay was popular on YouTube and had 1.2 million subscribers. On Wednesday last week, he was coming to Delhi from Agra when he lost control of his motorcycle and hit the bollards on the Yamuna Expressway. The youngster was riding a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R – a 1,000cc superbike – and was shooting a video for his YouTube channel. Commenting on the accident, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Kalanidhi Naithani said that an action camera was recovered which Agastay used to record his fast driving.

“On May 3, we received a report of the death of a young man in a road accident on the Yamuna Expressway. Our investigation revealed that the young man, YouTuber Agastay Chauhan, was a resident of Dehradun. He was a vlogger and had tried to break the 300 km/h limit earlier too. His videos were very popular on social media. When we recovered the camera he was wearing while driving, we found that he had reached a speed of 294 kmph moments before the accident. An investigation is underway,” he added. The police officer urged the youths to observe road safety rules and be mindful that there are other travellers with their families on the highway.

Agastay operated a YouTube channel called “Pro Rider 1000”. In the latest video uploaded on the channel, Agastay said he was heading to Delhi to test how fast a motorcycle can go. “I will ride it at 300 km/h and see if it can exceed that,” he said in the video. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R, the motorcycle that the youtuber rode, is capable of reaching speeds of around 300 km/h. The motorcycle is so fast that it can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and from 0-200 km/h in barely 10 seconds, making it extremely dangerous on public roads even in the hands of experienced riders.


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