YouTube is cracking down on adblocking: How to avoid restrictions?

1. 06. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

YouTube has launched a campaign against users of ad blockers, causing problems for those who use them. Some users have experienced their video automatically skipping to the end or muting. The move is part of YouTube’s efforts to get people to deactivate ad blockers.

YouTube has been trying to fight ad blocking for some time now, and has been recommending users either upgrade to YouTube Premium or turn off blockers and accept the increase in long ads on the platform.

Deterioration of the user experience

The platform has implemented several measures to make it more difficult to watch videos with ad blockers activated. For example, users experience video slowdown, a countdown clock appearing on the screen, the video automatically skipping to the end, or muted audio. These limitations significantly impair the viewing experience, and some users have shared their experiences on Reddit.

Ad blockers’ reactions and alternative solutions

Some ad blockers have already responded to the problem and implemented solutions. Users report that uBlock Origin works in Firefox and Brave. Others prefer to use Opera GX or alternative clients such as FreeTube.

YouTube supports subscriptions as a solution

According to the Android Authority website, fighting ad blockers is like a game of cat and mouse. Some users complain about the increase in long and unskippable ads on YouTube. YouTube recommends a YouTube Premium subscription as a solution to this problem.

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