Who would be elected to the European Parliament if animals were in charge? The answer is clear !

29. 05. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

The Europe for Animals campaign examined the candidates’ positions on animal protection and found that the Greens and the Pirates showed the most commitment to ending cage farming and taking other important steps to improve the lives of animals in Europe. In contrast, the Oath, Motorists, Enough! and STAN have not pledged any support, despite calls from hundreds of people.

The composition of the European Parliament next term will be crucial to moving forward on the European Commission’s commitment to the European Citizens’ Initiative to End the Cage Age and other important areas of animal protection. The Europe for Animals campaign is working to get as much support as possible from future MEPs for these necessary changes, while informing voters about the candidates’ positions.

The results of the campaign should help voters who care about animals to decide who to vote for, as the European Parliament did not take enough account of citizens’ views in the outgoing parliamentary term. Voters can change this with their vote.

The campaign has contacted 45 candidates from the 9 political parties with the highest electoral potential. The top five candidates from each party were given the opportunity to express their position on seven commitments on animal protection. The commitments to ban cage farming, end fur farming, phase out animal experimentation and better protect aquatic animals received the most support. Detailed results are available at evropaprozvirata.cz.

Two thousand people joined the campaign and sent messages to the candidates asking them to support these commitments. Some candidates did not comment on these commitments, suggesting that the issue of improving conditions for animals is not a priority for them.

The European Parliament needs to start addressing the many neglected issues relating to animal protection. Candidates were therefore informed about these issues and asked to commit to supporting these issues if elected. Voters who care about animals now have the results of the campaign to help them make decisions before the election.

The survey also showed that politicians often act differently than voters want them to on many important issues. For this reason, it was important to find out candidates’ positions on animal protection issues so that voters have a clear idea of their positions before the election.


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