What features are in Apple’s latest update?

9. 04. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

iPhone users have discovered that Apple’s latest update has automatically signed them up to use a new setting that sounds a little scary. Last December, Apple released the iOS 17.2 update, which added the NameDrop feature and improved the keyboard for smoother texting. In addition to these additions, the company introduced the Journal app, a new tool for those hesitant to keep a journal.

The pre-installed app allows users to write their thoughts, feelings and reflections, as well as practice mindfulness and gratitude. For those who don’t know how to get started keeping a journal, the company offers “Journal Writing Suggestions.” Enabling this feature will automatically allow your iPhone to access your phone’s stored data, such as pictures and significant places, so you can receive personalized journaling suggestions. However, some users who have chosen to explore this setting have also discovered that Apple has enabled another iPhone feature by default: A feature called “Discoverable by Others” remains on even if you turn off the “Journal Writing Suggestions” setting and remove the Journal app. When iPhone users discovered that this feature was on by default, some others urged them to turn it off immediately because they feared their name and location were being shared with others. According to Apple, this is not actually the case. The “Detectable by Others” feature, according to Apple’s Journaling Suggestions and Privacy page, can detect other nearby users who have Journal settings turned on, but it is not associated with a privacy risk. So while the “Detectable by Others” feature may be undesirable to some, it’s not as threatening as it might seem. If you want to turn off the “Detectable by others” feature, just go to your iPhone’s settings under “Journal Suggestions” and turn it off. For added security, Apple users can also turn off the Journal app’s ability to detect the number of devices and contacts nearby to create writing prompts.

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