Welcome to a world of regulatory chaos: Apple on the front lines of the battle for market dominance

22. 03. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

Recently, a legal dispute between tech giant Apple and the US Department of Justice, along with fifteen states, has become intense. This conflict revolves around allegations that Apple is abusing its dominance of the smartphone market through its App Store platform.

According to the authorities, Apple’s practices severely restrict competition and hinder consumer choice. The main point of contention is the App Store’s policy of allowing Apple to control the distribution of apps on its devices. The authorities argue that Apple prioritises its own services in this way and prevents competition, leading to reduced choice and higher prices for consumers.

The lawsuit also points out that Apple imposes high fees and restrictions on app developers, which further restricts competition and innovation in the market. While Apple defends that these restrictions are necessary to ensure the safety and quality of its products, the authorities argue that in this way Apple creates an unfair playing field for other market participants.

This litigation has major implications not only for Apple, but also for the entire technology industry and the regulation of the digital environment. As the landmark Microsoft case in 1998 showed, such lawsuits can change the way technology companies are regulated and participate in the market.

Given the growing emphasis on privacy and competition in the digital environment, this litigation has broader implications for the future of the technology industry and its relationship to regulation. It is a battle that may shape not only the fate of Apple, but the entire digital world. It is an important tipping point that will affect what laws and rules will be applied in the digital era.

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