The revolutionary smart home controller that took the world by storm!

15. 02. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

The second generation of Mui’s Board device isn’t even in production yet, and it’s already a huge hit. People have sent millions of dollars to the creators to kick-start mass production. The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter isn’t over yet, so the total amount raised will likely be even higher. The manufacturer showcased the innovation at the CES 2024 trade show, held in Las Vegas at the beginning of January. 

Immediately after the premiere, they launched the aforementioned crowdfunding campaign. It was clear within two days that it would be a massive hit. The manufacturer initially asked for just $10,000, or nearly 234,000 Czech koruna, but in the first 48 hours, they raised over $75,000 (almost 1.8 million koruna). Interest from people didn’t wane in the following weeks. As of Friday, with nine days left in the campaign, the creators have already raised $143,354, equivalent to 3.35 million koruna. So far, 263 people have contributed. It can be expected that the total amount raised will continue to increase in the coming days. Anyone who contributes at least $499, equivalent to 11,690 CZK, will receive this wooden smart home control panel.

Maximum compatibility

Mui Board 2 aims to simplify smart home control; you can literally control the vast majority of elements with just a few touches. The inconspicuous display also shows weather information, time, and a range of other useful data.

For example, the new device can read the current temperature from the thermostat and display it directly on the wooden panel. It’s probably needless to emphasize that the Board 2 can then remotely control such a thermostat.

The latest generation of the Mui controller is designed for all smart home elements built on the Matter communication standard. This standard is the result of cooperation between major tech giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and others.

In practice, thanks to this standard, maximum compatibility across the entire market of connected devices should be ensured. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been using Apple HomeKit, Google Weave, or Thread from Nest Labs.

Stylish design

Perhaps the biggest added value is the design of the new device, which is strictly minimalist. When the controller is not activated, it gives a completely unobtrusive impression. It’s simply a piece of wood on the wall that you can beautifully coordinate with other accessories without making the whole household look overly techy.

Probably also thanks to this, Board 2 captivated the CES 2024 jury, which awarded it one of the most interesting innovations of this year’s edition.

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