The man flew around the planet in 80 hours. He traveled only on low-cost airlines

19. 07. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

Britain’s Noel Philips has pulled off a remarkable feat. He flew around the planet in 80 hours, starting and finishing in Houston, Texas. He used only low-cost airlines, taking nine flights on seven different companies to travel around the world, the Daily Mail reports.

During his journey, the Briton, who lives in the US with his family, covered over 40,000 kilometres. Before his journey, he set five basic rules: he would do everything with low-cost airlines, sit exclusively in economy class, visit both hemispheres, no return flights and a time limit of 80 hours.

The man did something similar in 2019, but then he decided to travel in a higher class. This time, he wanted to try it with low-cost carriers. “To be honest, it was an absolute nightmare,” the Brit admitted to the Daily Mail. “Low-cost carriers are great if you want cheap flights. But once there are schedule changes, they’re not very flexible. That’s one of the reasons why I put together three different itineraries,” the man admitted, adding that the trip may have cost him more than with the regular airlines.

Philips flew eastbound, replacing Southwest, Vueling, Scoot and Jetstar, among others. His stops included New York, Barcelona, Athens and Singapore. By far the least comfortable part of his trip was the Sydney to Honolulu connection.
However, after less than 80 hours, he landed back in Houston. “Here I am. Wow, what a trip,” he said in a video he made during the trip. “I don’t think I’ll ever want to do something like this again with a low-cost airline,” he admitted. He paid over $2,900, over 61,000 crowns, for the ambitious circumnavigation of the planet.


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