Tesla’s charging station network has 45,000 charging stations installed

10. 04. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

In just five months, 5,000 new charging stations have been installed. The Tesla Supercharging network has officially reached another milestone, with 45,000 individual plugs installed worldwide as of April 9, 2023.

The size of the Tesla Supercharging network is quite impressive, and the company is rapidly increasing the rate of new installations. The last 10,000 stations were installed in about 10 months, and the most recent 5,000 stations were installed in less than five months. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the company reach 500 new stations/5,000 new stands per quarter in the near future.
Number of Tesla Superchargers stations (worldwide):

1: September 2012

10,000: June 2018

20,000: November 2020

30,000: November 2021 (+10,000 in 1 year)

35,000: June, 10 2022 (+5,000 in about 7 months)

40,000: 22 November 2022 (+10,000 in 1 year)

45 000: 9 April 2023 (+5 000 in less than 5 months, +10 000 in 10 months)


Most Tesla Superchargers are of the V2 (up to 150 kW) and V3 (up to 250 kW) type. Most recently, the company launched the V4 version, which should offer noticeably more power. In parallel with the expansion of the network, Tesla is also making the network available to EVs from other manufacturers (initially in selected markets in Europe, Australia and the United States).

We must keep in mind that the Tesla Supercharging network is not uniform in terms of charging connectors – it varies from market to market:

North America (and some other markets, e.g. South Korea, Japan): its own charging standard, which Tesla calls the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

With the Magic Dock (built-in CCS1 adapter), non-Tesla CCS1-compliant EVs will be able to charge at Supercharging kiosks.

Europe (and most of the rest of the world).

China: GB/T charging standard (two inputs on the Tesla side: one for AC and one for DC charging)


Source, photo: insideevs.com

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