Scandalous racist slogans during celebrations in Germany

26. 05. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

Shocking scenes took place last weekend on the German island of Sylt, where a group of exuberant young people celebrated the start of the tourist season. With smiles on their faces and music playing, they shouted the slogans “Germany to Germans, foreigners out!” (Deutschland den Deutschen, Ausländer raus!).

Many of them filmed these moments on their mobile phones and the footage, which has since appeared on social media, is already being investigated by the police. The Bild newspaper described the incident as a “Nazi scandal” that took place in the village of Kampen at the Pony restaurant on Strönwai Street, which is frequented by wealthy people, celebrities and other prominent people.

The season on Sylt traditionally starts at Whitsuntide, a long weekend in Germany, when the island fills up with people, helped by the sunny weather. Dozens of apparently well-heeled young people celebrated in the Pony restaurant with luxury Rolex watches, gold jewellery and designer clothes. Many Porsche cars were parked outside the venue, Bild reported. The venue is not easy to get into, as the entrance fee is 150 euros (3,705 kronor), which does not include any consumption.

The footage shows guests with pink wine and champagne dancing to the song “L’amour Toujours” by Italian disc jockey Gigi D’Agostino while shouting the above slogan, which is used by neo-Nazis and xenophobes in Germany. In one of the videos, a smiling man in a light-coloured shirt is seen putting two fingers of his left hand under his nose in imitation of Adolf Hitler’s moustache, while his right hand is raised and waving his palm.

The owner of the establishment, Tim Becker, said he had no idea about the scandalous behaviour of the group of guests. “When I saw the video, I couldn’t believe it. If we had noticed, we would have kicked those young people out immediately,” Becker said, adding that there were about 500 guests on the outdoor patio at the time.

The restaurant has since issued a statement strongly distancing itself from the behaviour of the group of guests. “We are deeply shocked. Every guest is welcome at our restaurant, regardless of ethnicity,” the statement read. “And all of you who recognise yourselves in this video are banned from our premises for life,” the statement added.

Police confirmed they are looking into the case. “This video is known to us and we are investigating its content from a criminal point of view. Thank you for the many suggestions we have passed on to the relevant authorities,” the police of the state of Schleswig-Holstein said on the social network X.

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