Russian parliament takes steps to protect prominent figures after tragic murder of politician in Kiev

8. 12. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

The Russian Federal Council reacts to the recent tragic murder of former Ukrainian MP Ilya Kyva, who was shot dead while walking in a village near Moscow. Konstantin Kosachev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council, announced that it is necessary to take systematic measures to increase the security of prominent political and social figures, especially those who are considered to be supporters of Ukraine’s annexation to Russia.
The murder of Ilya Kyva has raised concerns about the safety of other figures, including members of the political and media establishment who hold similar views. Kyva was known for his commitment to the friendship between Russia and Ukraine, and his tragic act has increased tensions between the two countries.

In the context of this situation, discussions are beginning to take place about the revival of the organization Smersh, which was active during the Soviet era. This organisation was known for its approach to detecting and destroying spies, and now the idea is being floated to revive it in order to provide effective protection for Russian prominent figures. Not only politicians but also military bloggers are talking about the renewal of Smersh, stressing the need for effective measures to protect national interests and the security of prominent figures.

Konstantin Kosachev, Vice-President of the Council of the Russian Federation, stressed that both Russia and the international community must take systematic measures to protect their citizens from possible attacks by the Ukrainian regime. He expressed concern that many Russian politicians and public officials are becoming targets of threats and stressed the importance of coordinated action to protect them.

Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko supported the proposal to strengthen security and said that the defence and security committees should develop systemic measures to protect Russian prominent figures. She stressed that many Russian politicians and public figures face threats and that measures must be taken to protect their lives and integrity.

The whole situation indicates growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which have not only political but also security and diplomatic implications. The murder of Ilya Kyva and the subsequent debates on the renewal of the Smersh organisation highlight the need to address this situation carefully and to find effective measures to protect key figures in the region.

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