Revolutionary leadership changes at Dotidot

23. 11. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

The coming era for Dotidot, a pioneer in marketing automation, brings significant changes in the company’s leadership and strategy. Petra Pacáková, the current Chief Growth Officer, is taking over as CEO, replacing founder Pavel Vachek, and with a new team is poised to lead the company to global success.

Pavel Vachek, the company’s founder, has decided to leave the helm, emphasizing that the key to growth is the ability to delegate and accept that others can make valuable contributions. Investor Reflex Capital played a role in supporting this decision, providing mentorship and assistance with the leadership transition.

Petra Pacakova, the new CEO, brings her vision and energy to the company. With the support of investment company Reflex Capital, she wants to strengthen Dotidot’s position in the marketing automation market. The current push for efficiency in e-commerce is leading to the growing popularity of automation, which presents new opportunities for the company.

In her new role, Petra is focused on filling key positions within the company and emphasizes the importance of teamwork. In order to grow and expand into international markets, she plans several key steps for 2024, including acquiring large international clients and simplifying the onboarding process through the Dotidot Academy online education platform.

The management changes also include Šimon Jůn, who takes over the role of Chief Product Officer, and Petre Usurelu, who will lead the entire sales team. This new addition to the team is expected to strengthen Dotidot’s development, design and business strategy, ensuring its competitiveness in the global market.

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