Revolution in the game from Riot Games new character of unclear gender !

28. 03. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

The developers at Riot Games have promised a new agent that will take on the role of a controller, but will also be able to play aggressively. They’ve kept that promise and introduced us to an agent named Clove. His abilities have appealed to many players, but the community has been joking about his forced gender.

Valorant’s last two additions to the game, Sentinel Deadlock and Duelist Iso, didn’t gain as many fans as their predecessors, nor did they have a significant presence on the professional scene. With the arrival of Agent Clove, however, fortunes could turn around. Immediately upon his unveiling, the potential of his entire roster was evident and he caught the attention of professional players.

Agent Clove’s abilities revolve around the concept of a “beautiful death”, where dying can only be the beginning. Controllers usually strive to stay alive as long as possible, but Clove isn’t focused on hanging out in the back ranks. To reach the agent’s full potential, players must take calculated risks and strike a delicate balance between playing it safe and risking their lives.

His abilities include “Not Dead Yet” (X), which allows him to resist death by activating the essence of immortality and removing his opponent’s life energy. Another ability is “Ruse” (E), where Clove projects an overhead view of the battlefield and casts Smoke, even after his death. “Meddle” (Q) allows Clove to concentrate a fragment of immortality essence, which when cast will deteriorate the life essence of those affected by the blast. The final ability is “Pick-Me-Up” (C), which allows Clove to absorb the life energy of a fallen enemy, granting them a moment of increased agility and health.

Agent Clove brings a whole new style of controller play to Valorant. Instead of players using their abilities to help allies and survive, they must be willing to die for the team and take on an aggressive role. Players like this new concept and many are excited about the new possibilities Clove brings to the game.

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