PlayStation 5 Pro: the next level of gaming experience in 2024?

27. 12. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

Shortly before the Christmas holidays, two new models of PlayStation game consoles from Sony appeared on the Czech market. However, there are now speculations about another model that should offer even more performance and, according to leaks, could appear in the coming year.

This new model is expected to be called the PlayStation 5 Pro, and information about it started to emerge back in the summer thanks to information from well-known gaming journalist Tom Henderson. Even though Sony recently unveiled two more compact models of the fifth-generation console, called Slim, many indications point to a new PlayStation 5 Pro model still being in the works.

According to gaming site ING, work is underway on this upgraded model, and Sony is reportedly expected to launch the PlayStation 5 Pro in September 2024. While most of the changes are expected to be inside the console, bringing more powerful components, not much should change visually.

Sony’s fifth-generation console already offers significantly higher performance, allowing for 4K gaming at a 120Hz refresh rate. In addition, it also supports content at 8K resolution, which is four times more pixels than standard 4K. The console also has hardware ray tracing acceleration for more faithful graphics and an advanced SSD drive that ensures the entire system runs faster.

Despite the recent introduction of two new models this year, more innovations are planned. While the appearance and performance changes to the previous models aren’t too different, bigger updates are expected for the PlayStation 5 Pro, especially in terms of more powerful components. However, details remain under wraps and an official announcement from Sony is expected in the near future.

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