Nová kampaň společnosti Merkur Toys oživuje tradiční stavebnice a inspiruje děti k tvořivosti

23. 05. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

Agency Contexto took over the communication for Merkur Toys. With a campaign on the Hithit platform and on social media, it targets parents with children to inspire them to get creative manually.

“Help us show kids that creating and folding is fun,” is the main message of the campaign led by Contexto. “Working on the project for Merkur is a matter of the heart for us because it combines our values of reviving a traditional Czech brand and supporting Czech industry. We also focus on the development of skills and creativity in children, who often suffer from a one-sided focus,” says Tomáš Vacek, agency partner. The campaign includes an interview with the grandson of scientist Otto Wichterle, whose message is featured in the campaign’s promo video on Hithit.

The campaign is broadly focused and includes competitions on Radio Junior (ČRo), Impuls and on the website. “Thanks to our experience, we have established cooperation with major media outlets. In addition to the competitions for the kits, inspirational interviews are prepared for the public,” says David Wilczek, PR consultant at Kašpar PR.

The campaign is also running on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. “The campaign on Hithit called ‘Help us launch the new ROBOTICS range’ has been running for six weeks. On the Hithit site, interested parties can choose a reward and support us. We regularly inform about the progress of the campaign and present interesting facts about the Merkur kit,” says Magdaléna Šašková, Social Media Manager at Contexto Agency.

The main goal of the campaign on Hithit is to support the production of a new line of robotic kits and the creation of an educational portal connecting the digital world with the Merkur kit, focused on teaching robotics. “We want to support children’s development and show them that creating and assembling is fun. Help us awaken their curiosity and dexterity,” concludes Richard Hrbáč, owner of Merkur Toys s.r.o.

Photo source: Agency Contexto

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