McDonald’s postpones automatic service! Artificial Intelligence in McDrive caused chaos

20. 06. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

Fast food chain McDonald’s has postponed its plans to introduce AI-based automated service for McDrive. The system, which has been tested since 2019 in partnership with IBM, wasn’t perfect and sometimes gave drivers incorrect orders.

Frustrated customers filmed some of the situations on mobile phones and posted the videos on social media, the BBC reported. One of the videos shows a frustrated woman repeatedly requesting caramel ice cream from the automated voice operator, but only getting a few packs of butter each time.

Another video shows a customer complaining about a mixed-up order that resulted in him being charged for nine teas. In another popular video, two customers have fun over how the machine keeps ordering them hundreds of dollars worth of more chicken pieces. Then the most absurd situation was when someone got bacon on ice cream instead of sweet sprinkles, as reported by The New York Post.

“After careful consideration, McDonald’s has decided to end its global partnership with IBM on its automated ordering system for this year,” the chain announced, adding that the system will someday be part of its operations. The company had planned to introduce the new system five years ago and tested it in more than 100 restaurants in the United States.

Other chains are planning to introduce similar services, such as Wendy’s, which has expanded its cooperation with Google to implement the technology and is also planning to expand into the Czech Republic.

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