Latest malware steals data and spreads ransomware!

14. 06. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

In the last two months, the unwanted visitor Qbot, which has been causing security experts a lot of concern for the last year, has reappeared. According to cybersecurity company Check Point, it is now one of the most widespread malicious codes in the Czech Republic, targeting computers running the Windows operating system.

Qbot, which first appeared in 2008, has made repeated comebacks in different waves. The last major wave of attacks was recorded last May. Although the situation calmed down during the winter and spring, Qbot is now very active again.

Over the years, Qbot has become a multifunctional tool, making it far more dangerous than its previous versions. For example, it can steal information from infected computers, including passwords, emails and credit card details. In addition, Qbot can spread other malicious code by opening backdoors into compromised Windows systems.

One of the most dangerous functions of Qbot is the installation of ransomware family viruses. These viruses encrypt the data on a computer and demand a ransom of up to several thousand crowns for accessing it. Cybercriminals often convince the owners of infected computers that paying the ransom is the only way to get their data back. They usually want the ransom in bitcoins, which makes it difficult to track them down. However, even after paying the ransom, users are not guaranteed to get their data. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the virus from the computer, but this often means that unbacked-up data is lost.

Qbot often spreads via phishing emails containing a Microsoft OneNote file. This file looks harmless but actually installs malware which then steals sensitive information, including login details and bank details. Tomas Ruzicka, a security expert at Check Point, warns users to be very careful when opening attachments and use preventative security technologies.

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