One of the most innovative products of CES 2022 is the Motion Pillow 3

30. 12. 2022 | Itech9642

On Monday, Apple released iOS 15.2, and among many other features, it includes updates to the Legacy Contact settings software. A new tool lets you control who has access to your Apple account — your photos, notes, email and more — when you die. Google and Meta (formerly Facebook) have offered similar setups for years. Instead, Apple had a longer process…

Wellness and health goods will also be prominent at CES 2022. Now it’s time to talk about the Motion Pillow 3, which was named one of the most inventive products at this year’s technology show.

This pillow claims to decrease snoring by employing air bags that inflate when you snore, forcing your head to shift out of position and opening your airways to minimize or stop snoring. The Motion Pillow 3 is comprised of a pillow, a control unit known as the Solution Box, which comprises an acoustic sensor that detects snoring and an air pressure sensor to identify the placement of the head on the pillow, and a sub-module to increase detection accuracy.

Although it appears to be relatively basic at first look, the interior of the Motion Pillow 3 differs from that of a standard pillow because the movement system contains artificial intelligence in a little white box (which is responsible for detecting your snoring). When the AI system detects snoring, one of the four little air bags within progressively inflates, turning the head to the side and opening the airway. When the mission is completed, the airbag deflates and returns to its original position. Aside from the pillow, there is a sleep tracking system that tracks patterns and trends and analyzes data in the accompanying app on your iOS or Android phone.


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