YouTube is testing with free ad-supported TV channels

30. 12. 2022 | Michal Krcmar

On Monday, Apple released iOS 15.2, and among many other features, it includes updates to the Legacy Contact settings software. A new tool lets you control who has access to your Apple account — your photos, notes, email and more — when you die. Google and Meta (formerly Facebook) have offered similar setups for years. Instead, Apple had a longer process…

The functionality may assist the corporation in competing with other free or low-cost streaming services.

According to The Wall Street Journal, YouTube is exploring free ad-supported TV channels that display content from certain media businesses. The premise is similar to Pluto TV, Roku’s Live TV channels, or the experiences integrated into TVs from Samsung, LG, and Vizio – there will be a “hub” that allows you to choose what you want to watch.

Some of the other firms in the industry have used the notion to build a viable business model, as financial reports from Vizio and Roku reveal that they generate more money from advertising and subscription commissions than they do from selling hardware.

An unidentified YouTube spokesman confirmed the experiments, and the functionality might become more widely available this year. It’s apparently collaborating with Lionsgate and A&E, the latter of which owns stations including History, FYI, and Lifetime. YouTube has prior experience with premium ad-supported content; in 2022, it added free ad-supported television episodes to its portfolio. It has been doing the same thing with movies for years at the time. Using Pluto TV, the business launched free channels to its Google TV live page last year.

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