Engineers from Ukraine have created a unique submarine: They armed it with torpedoes and a “drone” function

18. 04. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

A Ukrainian startup that has created an invisible submarine is the equivalent of a fighter jet for hit-and-run missions against the Russian navy. In the Arabian desert – in Dubai – is the submarine of the future. Suspended from a heavy industrial crane in an industrial warehouse, the black silhouette of the machine looks menacing. It’s called the Kronos. And according to its chief designer, Ukrainian engineer Alexander Kuznetsov, founder of Highland Systems, it could change naval warfare.

While traditional large submarines are slow naval bombers, the Kronos is a fighter that can manoeuvre at high speed. Its structure is designed to lie on the seabed and listen to its sensors like a predator patiently waiting for its prey.

It is a hybrid vessel that has a unique hull design that uses “stealth” technology, which allows it to significantly reduce fuel consumption, increase the ship’s top speed and provides superior durability.

This submarine can take on board one captain-operator and 10 paratroopers, there is comfortable accommodation and the ability to leave the submarine underwater. In addition, the “Kronos” also has a remote control mode operating at a distance of more than 250 km. Underwater, such a boat can carry up to 3.5 tons of payload. On the battlefield, the submarine “Kronos” will be useful for a variety of tasks: from carrying cargo in “drone” mode to hitting the enemy with torpedoes.

The specifications of this submarine are as follows: width 7.4 meters, length 9 meters, height 2.2 meters. Speed on the surface is 80 km/h, underwater 50 km/h. The operational depth is 150 meters, the depth of the crushing dive is 250 meters. Time spent underwater is 36 hours in battery mode, 18 hours in generator mode and 54 hours in hybrid mode. “Kronos” has folding wings for underwater operation in “hover-in-place” mode. Also thanks to the wings, the boat can be conveniently transported on a conventional trailer.

Founded by a Ukrainian team of engineers headed by Oleksandr Kuznetsov, a candidate of technical sciences, Highland Systems is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is known for having created a hybrid multifunctional armoured vehicle.


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