Cloud storage Ulož.to changes rules in its operation in accordance with new legislation

25. 11. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

The Ulož.to cloud service is undergoing significant changes to ensure compliance with the latest European legislation. According to Jan Karabina, Managing Director of Cloud Platforms, the company behind Ulož.to, these changes are not only a precautionary step to meet legal criteria, but also a response to strategic considerations in the context of changing regulations.

From 1 December 2023, Ulož.to Disk services, the part offering cloud storage, will only be available to registered users. This means that users must be logged into an account to access and manage files, and sharing files via links with others will no longer be supported.

One significant impact of these modifications is the limitation of the sharing functionality, as users will not be able to create shareable links to files. This change is aimed at strengthening data security and complying with privacy standards.

For paying subscribers who enjoy increased download speeds through premium subscriptions, the company is offering an opt-out option. Subscribers can cancel their subscription in response to these changes, and the company will refund the remaining subscription value.

It is important to stress that these changes apply specifically to the cloud storage portion of the service, and other Ulož.to services, such as the Ulož.to LIVE streaming platform, remain unaffected as they fall under different legislation.

Ulož.to has a history of legal disputes over content removal requests. Recent court rulings, including the Constitutional Court’s July decision in favor of Ulož.to against TV Nova, underscore the company’s determination to face legal challenges while keeping its services running.

These adjustments highlight the dynamic nature of the digital environment and the precautionary steps companies are taking to adapt to regulatory changes while ensuring the continuity of their services.

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