Chess like never before! A revolution on the chessboard!

20. 04. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

The revolutionary new chess board, called ChessUp 2, may look like an ordinary chess board at first glance, but it contains revolutionary technology that takes the traditional board game to a whole new level. With ChessUp 2, traditional chess can become interactive and dynamic like never before. This innovation is linked to the popular online chess portal, which allows players from all over the world to measure their strengths and strategies.

ChessUp 2 allows you to play chess with physical pieces on a chess board that automatically transfers moves to the online game. With your opponent’s moves recorded directly on the chessboard, you can easily and conveniently react to their moves. Plus, with the ability to play with virtual opponents, ChessUp 2 can also serve as your personal chess coach. And best of all, it’s not necessary that your opponent has the same chessboard – you can play with anyone, anywhere.

This chess board features a touchscreen display that makes it easy to control the game, including starting and ending games. Plus, it also functions as a timer and game mode controller. With ChessUp 2, you won’t need a smartphone or computer – all you need to play chess is this chess board.

Although this revolutionary chess board can’t be bought yet, it’s already clear that it’s become a big hit. The creators have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for mass production. And their expectations have been exceeded – the interest in ChessUp 2 is huge, and within a few days they managed to raise more money than originally planned. This clearly shows that this is a product that has the potential to change the world of chess.

If you like this innovative product, you can join others and contribute to the campaign from just one dollar. And if you wish to get your own ChessUp 2, you can pre-order for the price of $199. The manufacturer promises that you will get your hands on the chessboard later this year, before Christmas.

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