Buy a house for 1 €! Sant’Elia a Pianisi joins the list of Italian towns where super cheap houses are for sale

6. 03. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

Houses for €1 in Sant’Elia and Pianisi are part of an ongoing programme to repopulate many of Italy’s smaller towns.

Dreaming of owning your own home in a beautiful Italian city? You can now make your dream of a beautiful house in Italy come true as the Italian town of Sant’Elia and Pianisi in the picturesque Molise region has put eight houses on sale for just €1. It’s quite a bargain for prospective homeowners, but there’s a catch. The houses are to be renovated and those who buy the property will be asked to pay a deposit of 5,000 euros (118,000 crowns) before the necessary renovation work begins. They will have to pay all the usual fees associated with home ownership.

Many Italian cities are going through a period of house sales as the younger generation moves to the cities in search of better prospects. Villages, on the other hand, are becoming quiet areas with few ageing residents. To make their towns more vibrant and lucrative, many regions have adopted strategies such as this one on affordable home ownership.

Previously, picturesque houses throughout Emilia-Romagna, Abruzzo, Campania and Sicily were for sale as €1 houses. All Italian properties for €1 can be found at


Source:, photobank

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